Acknowledged PvP Immersion


In-Game Name:  Dr.Tesla
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:15153059
Suggestion Description (Be as thorough as possible):

If possible, rig the color box above a players head to vanish while crouching. This could make it harder to be seen if crouching while in pvp mode.

Add's an element of stealth to PvP mode

 - getting the drop on someone while in PvP
 - or making a sneaky escape out of the PvP world while being hunted
-Yes like the car-
[Image: b50ccf2a38e09ffb25633f2bc97da562.jpg]



I was thinking about making pvp players names not appear at all if you are also in pvp, making the crouching thing not necessary. Thoughts?



That works too

I just figured having it be activated with crouching can have multipurpose uses out side of PvP.

Hide and seek
Getting the slip on other players
-Yes like the car-
[Image: b50ccf2a38e09ffb25633f2bc97da562.jpg]


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