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    Whats Up, NuclearKiller Here!

    Whats Up, NuclearKiller Here!
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    How to get Discord Hypequad

    I know, this has nothing to do with G4P and goes in category "Guide (Chit Chat)", but some guys doesn't know how to get Discord Hypequad without apply via a Youtube Video. A lot of guy's has joined Discord Hypesquad. ** YOU CAN JOIN HYPESQUAD ONLY VIA YOUR PC! ** (Without YouTube Video) Step...
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    [Suggestion] AWarn3

    Hello G4P Member/Owner! My suggestion is AWarn3. a new way, to make administration easier. AWarn 3 should include: Report System (*) Logging System (**) Advanced warning system (***) * The Report System should be a system there you can report players via the chat command !report or Keybind...