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    XPN Version Release

    I've made a public github repository which includes all the changes I've made for the XPNetwork server so far. It will take some setup to get working and if anything is missing, just ask. I likely won't help anyone with this unless I can say what the problem is without looking into it...
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    It's actually fairly easy to make your own. I personally made mine by storing the data needed from the server into a MySQL database and then reading from that database and doing all the calculations inside of my PHP code. I personally don't want to publicly release my code for it as it is very...
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    Need the model pack for Stranded

    The different spawns for different worlds are inside of data/sgstranded/mapsaves You could look at how they work to figure out how to modify them. It's not too difficult, just time consuming. getpos command in GMod's console is very handy.
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    How to get the TV working

    Warning: A recent update to YouTube has currently broken support for this. The only fix is to switch to the chromium beta branch in GMod. Hopefully, the chromium branch will become the main branch soon so players don't need to switch manually. A lot of people have asked how to get the TV...