Just some Off Topic Questions


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Is there still a list of everyone who donated or is that gone?
If its not gone can sponsers get a tag in the Discord server?
Is there a way to help still donate to future projects of G4P games, such as PolyDungoens?

With PolyDungoens what can we see in the future of the game?
Will it be on steam?
What bosses might there be besides the goblins? Maybe a Dragon?????
Will there be pets?
What classes are there or is it just a Knight?


I'm sure I still have that list somewhere in the backups of the old server stuff.

I'm not opposed to the idea of discord tags, but I'd need to get the list and people would have to 'claim' it by telling me who they are in steam, as not everyone's discord tag matches their steam name.

The best way you can help with our future projects right now is to be active and provide feedback in #coding as well as #polydungeons on discord. Download the alpha builds when they're released and play test them and provide feedback.

Then, when/if we decide to release projects, you could help financially by buying them on Steam or whatever platform we choose to release on.

With PolyDungeons, the general idea of the game is that it's going to be a roguelike dungeon crawler. I intend on adding some casual gameplay options to the overworld (non-dungeon) stuff.. like crafting/farming/etc but the primary gameplay element will be completing dungeons levels to level up your character and progress further. It's still early alpha, so new things are being added and thought up all the time. That's where being active on Discord and providing feedback is important if you want to help with the development.

Yes, it'll be on steam.

Not sure yet. Definitely more than goblins, those are just the test NPCs I've made so far. I have lots of enemy character models. The sky is the limit (so long as I have the proper models)

Never thought of pets, but I don't see why not. This could tie into the casual element I was talking about before. I plan on having the player own property in the villages, so having a pet seems like a nice logical step.

Classes: This one is interesting. You'll start out as a melee fighter, but I am highly exploring the idea of a caster and ranged class as well. This would be something you could change into at some point.. maybe after reaching a certain level. It would effectively reset your player level while allowing for some replayability of the game while enjoying a new/different character class.

I love these kinds of questions. It not only gets me thinking about things I haven't thought about before, but also reminds me of the things that people want to see or are thinking about.


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Alright, more questions!
Skill tree?
In villages can I do quests or jobs for villagers or a King/Queen to upgrade it? Ex: "Getting walls Quest" The King gives you a quest to collect resources from a local mine, once completed the town will get walls and other bonuses

Alright time for suggestions
If you plan on being able to change your class later on through leveling maybe set it up as instead of just reaching a new level then gain the ability to change class make it where once you reach a certain level you gain access to a "class change quest." Once you finish the quest your character is reset but your progress stays
With pets, after you kill certain bosses there's a chance you gain access to a room with a pet egg or a newborn of whatever the monster is and then you can take it with you and raise it
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I do plan on doing a skill tree.. Again, that will be something that will reset when you choose to play a different class.

I never really thought about doing city building stuff, but that doesn't sound like a bad idea. I was planning on doing some quests though. Not sure what they would be, or how that would look, but I do like the idea.

Interesting suggestions. What kind of quest would you think would be appropriate to change classes? I was thinking more of it as like a prestige kind of thing. Progress would stay, but all character related stats would switch over to the new character.. so like.. skills and levels.

I like this idea for pets, but that would assume that the bosses would be animal-like.. which at this point, they're not really. Most baddies are humanoid.. orcs, trolls, skeletons, goblins, etc...


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Hmm with the class change quest I thought of a couple of ideas, they are kinda like a prestige.
Side note before I start. When I say "reset" I mean your level and skill tree will be reset but progress will stay such as the village quests that you've done will stay, the farm progress, pets (If you have a high tier pet you won't be able to have the pet follow you till you reach its level requirement), ect

Caster Quest ideas:
1. Once you reach a certain level an old man at the end of town will acknowledge you and offer you a quest to become his apprentice and once you complete all the tasks your character will be reset and you start a new life as a Caster/ Mage/ Wizard/ Whatever it will be called

2. Once you reach a certain level the King will give you a quest to hunt down a Goblin Caster that has been attacking the village, if you accept you will travel to his lair, beat him, and once beat he will drop a spell book which when picked up and read will reset your character

Ranged class:
(follow kinda the same quest line)
1. Once you reach a certain level the villages best Archer will offer you a quest to become his apprentice and once you complete all the tasks your character will be reset and you start a new life as an Archer

Side note: these ideas are for them to follow you around and help you
Even if the bosses so far are not an animal like I don't think having an orc or goblin follow you around would be to out of this world.
Ideas on how it would work:
Orc: Once you beat the boss you find its child and you can raise it, once it hits a certain level (age) you would be able to give it swords and armor and it can fight for you and deal a small amount of damage to help in battle.
Goblin: Once you beat the boss you find its child and you can raise it, once it hits a certain level (age) it will go around and collect items for you, it does have a limited space to carry items but you can select what items it will pick up.

The skeleton would be a cool pet to follow you around but I can't think of an idea of how you would reincarnate it and I don't know what it would do for you besides just look cool.

Small ideas for pets: in the village there is a person who would take care of the pets for you when you're not around, at this place the more quest you complete for the NPC the more abilities you unlock for your pets
Ex: Goblin skill level up would allow it to hold more items
Ex: Orc skill level up would allow it to hold higher tier weapons and armor

Village upgrade ideas:
I think of it as a village in the start of the game but by the end, it is a Kingdom
King quests do a lot for the village such as more houses((these are examples idk if they'd be in the game)unlocking stuff like the smith, pet keeper, ect), larger walls, ect
Villager quest would do smaller things such as better equipment you can buy from shopkeepers


I do like these ideas for the quests. Certainly a better idea than simply reaching a new level and having an option become available to you in the menu or something. Also, yes, I always intended on only the character related things to be 'reset'. Progress outside of your character (ie: town, dungeon depth, etc) would always remain through any class changes.

For combat pets, that's also a neat idea. Having pets that could level up independently of the character would be kind of fun. I also think it would be neat to have animal pets that you could keep in your home(s) as well.

Village upgrade:: Yes. This is what I want to do. The village will start out pretty small. General shop and some NPCs. As you complete some form of upgrade quests (retrieving items, paying money, etc) more buildings and NPCs will spawn into the town allowing you to do more quests and buy more things.


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Hopefully, they help!

I love checking the discord and seeing you work on the grass to get the buildings to work and knowing that's partly because of me. In time I'll probably have more ideas just like with stranded.