[Suggestion] AWarn3


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Hello G4P Member/Owner!

My suggestion is AWarn3.
a new way, to make administration easier.

AWarn 3 should include:
  • Report System (*)
  • Logging System (**)
  • Advanced warning system (***)
* The Report System should be a system there you can report players via the chat command !report or Keybind "F7", after you typed !report or the Keybind, a popup will be opened, there you can choose the player, the Reason and the description. After you reported the player, an admin will claim that ticket, and he can choose the option between "Teleport (to the reporter)", "Bring (Reporter & Reported)", "Freeze (Reported)" or "Jail (Reported)". There are other buttons called "Logs (View Logs of the Reported player)" and two buttons called "Report true" and "Report false", if you type on "Report true" there will be open a little popup with the warning points and he will be punished, for what he got reported (***) . If you type on "Report false", all will be automatically returned to their previous location.

** The logging system is accessible via the chat command !logs or Keybind F2. It has the search function via the Steam ID & via the Name. It should be similar to some logging systems of GModstore

*** The Advanced warning System is the warning system, there you can choose the punishment yourself. It should be have warning points, more warning points
= higher chance to get banned/kicked. Example: If you type "!warn Bot 5P RDM" 5P = 5 Points, he will be warned with the amout of the points. 10 Points = Kick, 15 = ban. The warning points can be revoked via the the chatcommand !rewap - a little popup will be opened, there he can remove these warning points.
The user (if he has access) should be able to see his warning points in the AWarn menu. example:
Warned by: Reason: Warning Points: Date:

Bot01 RDM 5 01.01.2019
Bot02 FailRP 10 05.01.2019
Bot03 RDA 7 09.09.2019

On AWarn3 should be a custom Menu there you can change the settings of the warning points to the next Ban/Kick & the Ban/Kick message.

And there should be a option called:

Who can be warned by Who (UserGroup)


Founder can be warned by:

Moderator can be warned by:
"senioradmin", "superadmin", "cofounder", "founder"

Warn can be revoked by:

"senioradmin", "superadmin", "cofounder", "founder"

warns by "superadmin" can be revoked by:

"cofounder", "founder"

Thank's for reading this suggestion, i think AWarn3 should cost 10$.

I think the suggestion won't be accepted. The System is very difficult to code.

But it were maybe a try worth.