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Hello everyone!

As you may or may not know, G4P is turning 10 years old next year (2017).
As a way to celebrate this milestone, We have decided to completely redo Stranded from the ground up (again).

Stranded is arguably our flagship gamemode, and is what has helped G4P become the prominent community that it is in the Garry's Mod Community.

The original Stranded gamemode was was released by an individual named jA_Cop and was an implementation of an already existing single player game written in the unreal game engine.
I took this original gamemode which had been abandoned and fixed it up as well as added some of my own things to it and re-released it to the gmod community.
This version was the foundation/root for every standard Stranded gamemode out there today.

in 2007, however, I took this base gamemode and heavily modified it adding stargates and many new features. This gamemode was dubbed Stargate: Stranded. We only ran this server for a couple years as when I joined the Army in 2008, some things fell apart and G4P went in to remission. (We never died though!)

We continued to run some other gmod servers and even developed a new gamemode that became pretty popular.

in 2012, while in Afghanistan, I decided to rewrite Stranded from the ground up rather than use versions that had been bastardized by years of unchecked 'development'.
This process has been a nonstop work in progress ever since and has evolved into the gamemode that we have today.

Many things have changed since June 2012. I understand more sophisticated techniques in coding and have quite a few members of G4P staff who are very experienced and talented coders and artists.

Recoding the gamemode will not only allow us to take everything we've learned in the last 4 years and apply it from the start, but also give us the opportunity to implement features and systems that would not be possible in the gamemode now without essentially having to rewrite whole sections of the gamemode.

When I restarted Stranded the first time, our community was very thin and I was not around(online) much as I was in Afghanistan. Starting over will give me the chance to gather and include community member ideas and support from the start. (That's what this forum is for!)

What we have now is a culmination of 4 years of work and growth. Coding practices and styles have changed over the years and it shows in the code.

What you can expect: This is not a fast or easy process. Even if we start now, it would be months before anything playable might be ready. Until the gamemode is fully ready for public access, we will continue to run and update the current Stranded server. You can still expect major updates and content to be released. We won't abandon the current server.

Once the new gamemode is somewhat 'ready' we will run it in parallel with the old server. The new server will be in beta mode. This means that things may change, balances may change, features may be removed or added. We would encourage people to play on the new gamemode to help us iron it out.

Once the new gamemode comes out of beta, we will discontinue the old server. I understand that many of you have put countless hours into the current server, but I can assure you that the new gamemode will provide many more hours of enjoyment and maintain the core 'Stranded' feel while also providing new and exciting gameplay.

If you have any questions/comments about anything in this post, please feel free to discuss here.

If you have suggestions or anything not related to this post, but related to the new gamemode in general, please make a new thread.




I was wondering the last 2 months why so less happened to the current stranded, now I know ;D.
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(04-05-2016, 02:54 PM)Hitmanmaster Wrote: I was wondering  the last 2 months why so less happened to the current stranded, now I know ;D.

No, I haven't even started on this yet. In fact this idea really just occurred to me.
The inactivity has been due to a couple different things:
1. School and personal life have taken a lot of my time lately.
2. When I do have free time, I'm not motivated to work on the gamemode because there's not many players playing. (The server goes through cycles which is normal)



Here's some pointers I can give out for going through with this.

1. Life takes priority. I find most of my best inspiration comes during off-computer hours. Use this to your advantage.

2. See if you can go through the current mod for flaws, or other things that make people want to quit, and account for that.

3. Never force yourself to work. The quality will go down the sh**ter and you won't be enjoying yourself.

4. Consider that 90% of GMod players are barely-functioning children, and design around that.

5. Avoid the urge to tutorialize. If it's so complicated you need to teach it, it's not intuitive enough.

6. Be careful taking in suggestions. An idea that sounds great on paper may very well displease the very person who suggested it.

7. Optimize for fast login.

8. Redesign the donation system from the ground up, making it rewarding for both the donators as well as the others. Perks which benefit the server rather than the player will be very popular and fulfill the generous need that donators tend to have.

9. Keep all options within one screen. Having screens within screens makes things difficult to find.

10. Consider the end-game and try to avoid the current situation we have here with players maxing and then the limit being raised. Getting a high level should be extremely difficult and something the player only does as an optional challenge for bragging rights.

11. Try to find all instances of "bog down" where the player is doing only one activity repetitively. See if you can find ways to vary out their actions. A good example of this is how fishing is usually broken up by cooking.

12. Allow for social interaction and non-serious gameplay. Incentivize the player from grinding mindlessly. Experience bonuses to those who stop gaining experience would allow for a friendlier and more social community. Now, a trade with a player is not wasted experience, but rather a more efficient way of training.

13. GET PEOPLE EXCITED! There are events on the server which should be broadcast to all players. Imagine how amazing it would be if you could open an optional window to see the GUI of a player slowly opening a void cache to see if they get a door or not! If the whole server isn't shaking in anticipation over such a nerve-wracking event, that's just wasted potential.
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maybe this new stranded could have a backstory with cosmic entities and such.

And new worlds, like there could be one where it's a flat desert with very few antlions, but there's a big hole in the ground, and in the hole there's a huge cave system with digging worms and other terrifying things.

Also, we might need someone that codes npcs.
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How and when will the beta be open to join and help test the new server?
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As of right now, this project is on hold.

Too much going on with school and life to really work on this.

When/If there is something to test at some point, I'll post here.


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