By Design Egg on Incubator dissapears if you crash


In-Game Name: Zonfire
SteamID: profile
Bug Description (Be as thorough as possible): had a red pet egg on the incubator and my game crashed, it hatched before I loaded back in and dissapeared
Are you able to replicate it?: egg on incubator, exit game
How could I replicate the bug?: above ^

It'd be nice if it could just stay and have it unnamed since names dont matter
Moltenn: First time having voice_enable 1 on this server
Moltenn: now i feel ya

Moltenn: Pay 2 zon

Thunderr: Tactical warning incoming, prepare for less spam in 27 zonfires over

Shigbeard: god i feel likeTiger Woods at a contract signing event in 2004



Part of the pet system requires players to be on when it spawns so it can set the player owner on the pet. If the player isn't online, it can't do that. That's why it does that.


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