By Design <BUG REPORT> I lost my member hat and 2500 gtoken so now my gtoken is -1773


In-Game Name: JimmyPau (sometimes with *no sound*)
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:53274034
Bug Description (Be as thorough as possible): Yesterday it was still fine, but today when I log in, I notice my member hat is gone, but I thought maybe the member hat was expired or something so I didn't really care. But when I was talking to CountryFluffy about unstable core, I take a look of my gtoken and I was shocked, my gtoken is -1773, which is actually when you join steam group page and you will get 2500 gtoken, but I already have some gtoken so it become -1773. I check to see if I got kick or whatever reason I leave the steam group, but I am still in the group, nothing is different except I lost 2500 gtoken and now it is -1773 and also lost my member hat. 
Are you able to replicate it?: No, at least I don't think so, and I wouldn't either.
How could I replicate the bug?: Can't.



Reconnect to the server, the script timed out and didn't detect you in the group when you joined.


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