By Design Complete power outage causes inventory whipe


Pres maybe you could have lua-side ping to check if the client connection is alive. If the ping fails for X times in a row force-disconnect the client from the server?



That's essentially what the engine already does, and to speed it up would only introduce false positives with people getting latency or it kicking the whole server when the server has a bout of lag.

The way it is.. is fine. It sucks that this happens, but to be honest, it's only happened to my knowledge a couple of times. It's just a freak accident. There will always be something.



Actually this is a thing, I always had luck with my disconnects but still, I see you can't fix this but it would just suck for people that have this problem. For instance in germany your ip changes every 24 hour, it's a law therefor it's programmed inside the router to reset if the 24 hours are hit. If that happens the server doesn't recognize you anymore due ip change, what happens is you get a dc, but then you can't even join back because it says you're already logged in, all you can do is wait until it understands on itself that your client isn't responding and kicks you. If I recall right that is at least 40 seconds, enogh to kill you if you are around water or fighting anything.
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I see another way. It's with saves. What if it was made so that we can have a sort of backup for when this (bull) happens, our character saves have two- or three - saves, prioritizing the most recent save when you log in, but so that Mr.pres would be able to revert it to the save where I haven't been poorly disconnected and died, so when it is clear that this has happened, he can revert the character back to their original state, rather than returning people's inventory manually (that i know you wouldn't do) this is just a save file you have to delete so we can load up with our things again. I understand this isn't optimal for server space if every one who joined got to have 2-3 save files, so maybe this could be a donor perk. Insurance.



The potential for abuse is the only problem with this..


You fall and die accidentally and lose all your good shit.
unplug your internet and pretend you lost connection.
pretend it was your internet and not you.
get restored.

It's unfortunate, but like I said, the amount of people who have been affected by this particular thing happening is so small it doesn't really warrant a system in place (with balances and safeguards to prevent abuse).


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