Void caches and broken dreams


When you ask Vorty for good luck, but the cache is empty..

Testing a video capture program, I apparently need to tweak a few settings. Sorry about that.

*edit by MrP* - Embedded the video for you.



What are you using to capture?



tried some free program called Overwolf. Apparently it was still set at a craptastic 480p



480p isn't that bad for capturing video as evidence or something, you can still hear voice. Anything in chat (which is hard to read) could be looked up in the logs.

And 480p will be much smaller and easier to upload.



Or just do what devon does, use OBS or xSplit to stream to twitch when you're playing.

It automatically stores the entire thing and you can export sections directly to youtube.



That isn't a bad idea either, might try that as well at some point. So far though overwolf seems decent for simply recording.


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