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    *patiently waiting for something*

    *patiently waiting for something*
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    Just some Off Topic Questions

    Alright after playing the game I got some comments! I love the idea of a goblin pet! The gold has the glitter that comes off it but I feel it would be very annoying in larger dungeons having to go back and collect all the gold. (Edit) In other games like skyrim this has always been a problem...
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    Just some Off Topic Questions

    Hopefully, they help! I love checking the discord and seeing you work on the grass to get the buildings to work and knowing that's partly because of me. In time I'll probably have more ideas just like with stranded.
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    Just some Off Topic Questions

    Hmm with the class change quest I thought of a couple of ideas, they are kinda like a prestige. Side note before I start. When I say "reset" I mean your level and skill tree will be reset but progress will stay such as the village quests that you've done will stay, the farm progress, pets (If...
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    Just some Off Topic Questions

    Alright, more questions! Skill tree? In villages can I do quests or jobs for villagers or a King/Queen to upgrade it? Ex: "Getting walls Quest" The King gives you a quest to collect resources from a local mine, once completed the town will get walls and other bonuses Alright time for...
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    Just some Off Topic Questions

    Is there still a list of everyone who donated or is that gone? If its not gone can sponsers get a tag in the Discord server? Is there a way to help still donate to future projects of G4P games, such as PolyDungoens? With PolyDungoens what can we see in the future of the game? Will it be on...
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    How is life?

    I don't really talk to anyone since the stranded server went down... So how has everyone been?
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    Ideas and Suggestions Thread

    These are more questions and not suggestions but... 1. Since its an RPG will there be bosses? Or some type of monster on this island? 2. Will there be bows? 3. Farming? Can I raise some cows or pigs? 4. Will the boats be a hard thing to build or will there just be an NPC you just pay a fee...
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    New Forums!

    Well this one looks better than the old so far!