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  1. mrpresident

    Test GfyCat integration

  2. mrpresident

    Quaint Early Alpha Release Thread

    Current Version: (10/19/2018) Previous Versions: (7/18/2018) (5/24/2018) (4/25/2018) Keep in mind that what you download may not...
  3. mrpresident

    Ideas and Suggestions Thread

    Hey! If you have ideas or suggestions for gameplay features or things you would like to see make it to the game, feel free to shout it out here! Keep in mind the following pillars of what Quaint is and is not. Quaint IS: Casual survival RPG Single Player Quaint Is NOT: Shooter Multi-player...
  4. mrpresident

    Quaint ... What is this?

    Quaint is a single player survival game being developed in UE4 by Mr.President. What is is not: Quaint is not Stranded... there may be some similarities, but only because they were developed by the same person. Quaint is not multi-player. I realize that it would be better played with others...
  5. mrpresident

    AWarn2 Popup Notification Plugin

    Hey all! I have designed a popup notification for AWarn2 and packaged it as a plugin since some people might not want this in the base addon. If you want it, simply download the addon and extract it to your addons folder like you would any other addon. Enjoy! Download Popup Notification Plugin...
  6. mrpresident

    Awarn2 - Free Version Release Topic

    AWarn2 - Warning Module (Free Version) Addon Description AWarn2 allows you to manage and track warnings for your players. AWarn2 gives you the freedom to warn players for acting up without the need to kick or ban them from your servers. Warning are tracked and you can see a player's warning as...
  7. mrpresident

    G4P Stranded Release Thread

    Hey guys.. I've decided it's time to hang up gamemode coding hat, and as such I've decided to release my gamemode I've been working on for the past 6 years. If you've ever played GMStranded, this is a gamemode inspired by that, but as you'll see was coded completely from scratch. If you bother...
  8. mrpresident

    New Forums!

    Hello everyone! We are excited to launch our new forums, powered by XenForo. This forum software is really on the front of what is out there and I'm excited to have it for our community! We've been looking for an opportunity to make the switch for some time now, but with everything going on and...