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AWarn2 - Warning Module (Free Version)

Addon Description
AWarn2 allows you to manage and track warnings for your players. AWarn2 gives you the freedom to warn players for acting up without the need to kick or ban them from your servers. Warning are tracked and you can see a player's warning as well as who warned them and when at any time. All of this is managed through an easy-to-use in-game GUI and permissions are very easy to customize if you are running ULX or Evolve Admin mod. AWarn2 runs on its own, though, and does not require any other mods or admin mods to function.

Key Features
  • Advanced script that allows administrators to warn players on their server.
  • Warnings for players are stored on the server's SQLite database.
  • Administrators can easily view and track all warnings for all players connected to the server.
  • Configuration option to allow the script to kick the player after they reach a certain amount of active warnings.
  • Configuration option to allow the script to ban (temporary or perma) the player after they reach a certain amount of warnings.
  • Configuration option to allow a player's active warnings to decay over time. All warnings are still logged and can be viewed.
  • Stand-Alone but can be used with ULX/Evolve to allow servers to give access of this script to non-admin groups/players (explained below)
  • You can now remove individual warnings from a player by right-clicking the warning.
ULX/Evolve Compatibility

If you are using ULX, this addon will automatically detect that and adjust its permissions accordingly. By default admins and superadmins have access to use this addon. If you want to assign other usergroups access to this addon, just give them the following access flags.

awarn_view - This allows a player to view other players' warnings. (Defaults to Admin)
awarn_warn - This allows a player to warn other players. (Defaults to Admin)
awarn_remove - This allows a player to decrease another player's active warnings. (Defaults to Admin)
awarn_delete - This allows a player to delete all warnings for a player. (Defaults to Superadmin)
awarn_options - This allows a player to view and change the configurations for this script. (Defaults to Superadmin)

I have all of these access flags registered in XGUI so you can add the permissions right from the XGUI menu. They are under the AWarn category.
If you would rather do it manually, you can use:
ulx groupallow (example: ulx groupallow "member" "awarn_warn")
ulx userallow (example: ulx userallow "Mr.President" "awarn_warn")

If you are using Evolve Admin Mod you will need to give the Privledges to whatever group or player you want to have access to AWarn functionality. I am not familiar enough with Evolve to tell you how to give privledges using Evolve. If you need help doing that, contact the developers of Evolve or if someone would like to tell me, I will update this post.

Chat Commands
  • !warn - Opens the AWarn VGUI Menu.
  • !warn - Warns a player with a given reason.
Console Commands (All accessible from within the AWarn VGUI Menu)
  • awarn_warn - Warns a player with a given reason.
  • awarn_removewarn - Removes a single active warning from a player.
  • awarn_deletewarnings - Deletes all warnings from a player.
  • awarn_menu - Opens the AWarn VGUI Menu.
  • awarn_options - Opens the AWarn VGUI Options menu.
Hook Callbacks
  • AWarnPlayerWarned( Player target_ply, Player ply, String reason )
    • target_ply - Player being warned
    • ply - Warning Admin
    • reason - Reason for warning
  • AWarnPlayerIDWarned( String tarid, Player ply, String reason )
    • tarid - 64bit SteamID of player being warned.
    • ply - Warning Admin
    • reason - Reason for warning
  • AWarnLimitKick( Player target_ply )
    • target_ply -Player being kicked for passing the warning kick threshold.
  • AWarnLimitBan( Player target_ply )
    • target_ply - Player being banned for passing the warning ban threshold.

  • Simply unzip and place the awarn2 folder into your addons folder.
  • Start your server and type !warn to see the menu. Be sure to make any changes to the options menu you like.
  • Open up addons/awarn2Free2018/lua/awarn/modules/server/awarn_settings.lua and modify the warning threshold punishments to your liking.
  • Open up addons/awarn2Free2018/lua/autorun/sh_localization.lua and set your language preferences to any of the included languags (English by default) or create your own!

  • Start a post here in this forum. Please don't just respond to this post.
  • You do not need to buy this script - Download link below
  • If you enjoy this script, please consider buying it on GmodStore.
  • It is usually up for around $4 USD and it would mean a lot to me if you did.
  • Thank You!
Download/Try for Free

  • Free Version is similar to paid version There are only a couple of newer features not included.
  • Please consider buying the script if you find it useful and are able to.
  • Even though this version is FREE you are still bound by the license terms below
  • You are NOT allowed to distribute this addon in any way.
  • You ARE allowed to give people this link so they can download the addon themselves.
  • You are NOT allowed to include this code in any other work or addon pack without permission.
  • You are NOT allowed sell or in any way make money from this script.
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