Ideas and Suggestions Thread


Hey! If you have ideas or suggestions for gameplay features or things you would like to see make it to the game, feel free to shout it out here!

Keep in mind the following pillars of what Quaint is and is not.

Quaint IS:
Casual survival RPG
Single Player

Quaint Is NOT:

I would love for you guys to give me ideas for things that you want to see in the game. Thanks!


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These are more questions and not suggestions but...

1. Since its an RPG will there be bosses? Or some type of monster on this island?
2. Will there be bows?
3. Farming? Can I raise some cows or pigs?
4. Will the boats be a hard thing to build or will there just be an NPC you just pay a fee too?
5. Will there be different character customization? Like different clothes, race, hair, sex, ect?
6. When saving the game is it just quick saves every once in a while or do you have to be at a certain point to save?
7. Melon Aids?

Alright I'm done asking questions


1. RPG doesn't necessarily mean "Fantasy RPG".. so no.. no Monsters.. but there will be animals you can hunt.
2. Probably, or maybe rifles. Some way to hunt animals. It's not really supposed to be a "Survival" game like other games where you have to build shit from scratch. There will be towns and stores you can buy stuff at.
3. Yes, yes, and yes.
4. As it stands, boats are just NPCs you'll pay to use. You don't drive them, they're just a way to get around the map without running.
5. Eventually, yes. Probably only sex in the beginning. I already have a male and female version of the main character. This is something I'd like to add though. Most of the assets you'll see up front are prototyping. Especially in the characters. I would like to buy/hire someone to make me legit models at some point.
6. Saving will be in the form of just saving from the menu. Right this moment, that's the only way to save. I'll probably have it save when you sleep too, and at other points, but it won't be like some RPGs where you can only save from an NPC or by drinking a potion (looking at you KCD).
7. No.. but yes. Won't be calling it that, but there will certainly be sickness to deal with.